Travel Vaccinations
(Travel Medical Service)

  • Medical Travel Checkups
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Expert Pre Travel Advice
  • Expert Post Travel Advice

Our Travel Medical Service can be provided for:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Corporations

Our Travel Medical Service Goal is to provide you with:

  • Pre Medical Check Up
  • Written Report for individuals or corporations
  • Disease Prevention Advice
  • Most Travel Vaccinations (except Yellow Fever)
  • Other Travel medications eg. tablets

What do I need to do 8 weeks before I travel?

  • Arrange a travel medical check-up
  • Discuss travel vaccinations and medications with the Doctor
  • Organise an appointment for any travel vaccinations and medications needed for travel destinations
  • Discuss any health concerns with the doctor prior to departure
  • Have your vaccinations, obtain your medications and have a great and healthy holiday.


If you have any concerns please come and see one of our Gracemere Doctors for the best advice

For an appointment please call 07 4933 3334 or book an appointment online.